Saturday, October 22, 2011

Book 81 - What Happened to Goodbye

My 81st book this year was What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen. As with all of her other books, I loved this one. It just took me a long time because of rehearsals for something at my college called Tiger Tunes...long story. Anyway, this book is about Mclean, who is a girl that reinvents herself everytime she moves somewhere new with her father. After they move to their fifth town, she somehow accidentally tells a new friend that her name is Mclean, instead of the planned name of Liz. As she gets closer to her new friend Riley, she also begins to grow close to Dave, the "good" boy next door. Although he appears to be the standard goodie-two-shoes, he isn't quite what he appears to be, proving that even the people that look the cleanest have secrets of their own. While she navigates the problems of being herself for the first time in years, she also has to solve the problem of her mother, who hasn't left her alone since the divorce, even though that's exactly what Mclean wants. And just when Mclean finally finds a place where she actually wants to stay permanently, what will happen if her father decides to move again?
Grade: A
SC: 3
V: 2
C: 3

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