Sunday, February 20, 2011

Book 9 - Secrets of My Hollywood Life: On Location

My ninth book is the second book in the "Secrets of My Hollywood Life" series, called On Location, by Jen Calonita. This book follows actress Kaitlyn Burke as she navigates Hollywood. At the start of this book, her boyfriend is the boy she met in the first book when she went undercover at a local high school. So, he's a "normal" boy and she is worried about how he will react when he finds out how hard her life is. She has just been cast in Hutch Adam's new movie. Hutch is kind of a Steven Spielberg type director. She finds out that her nemesis, Sky, who also happens to play her sister on Kaitlyn's tv show Family Affairs, has been cast as the villian. Kaitlyn also has to navigate a jealous ex-boyfriend that wants her back, an outrageous studio executive, and Sky's scheming assistant, all while trying to keep her boyfriend in the dark about it all. During the story, she stops narrating to tell you Hollywood Secrets (hence the title of the book), like why actors date other actors or how they edit pictures in magazines.

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