Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Book 84 - The Power of Six

My 84th book was The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore. This book picks up where I Am Number Four left off, with John, Sam, and Six running away from the police and trying to find the other members of the Garde from the planet of Lorien. As they're evading the police and trying to figure out how to open the chest left to John by Henri, Marina is in Spain. She is Number 7, living in an orphanage in a small town. Her protector, Adelina, has seemed to forget their purpose on Earth so, for a while, Marina has been on her own. She has developed Legacies but she has no idea how to use them. She starts to notice strange things around town, such as a man looking in the window, someone inside of her secret cave, and a strange man in the town's cafe. So, she, along with her new friend Ella, start looking for her chest, which Adelina hid when they arrived. But, as she starts finding out not only about herself but about John Smith in Ohio, she starts to wonder if she'll ever meet the others from her planet. But, maybe with Six's help, she'll be able to survive long enough to do just that.
Grade: A
SC: 3
V: 8
C: 4

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