Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Book 85 - Get Well Soon

Book number 85 was Get Well Soon by Julie Halpern. I just happened to find this on for $3 and thought it looked good. Anna is depressed and is having panic attacks. So, instead of dealing with her themselves, her parents decide to take her shrink's advice and send her to a "mental health facility", AKA looney bin. At first not only is Anna humiliated to have to go through this but also horrified at the thought of spending her first three days in this place in a hallway. Things get a little better after she gets her own room, especially because she is now allowed to go to "Community", where patients tell other patients what they appreciate and like about them. While there, she meets fellow patient Justin. And, crazier than falling in love with him at first sight, she thinks he actually might feel the same way about her. Just as she's starting to actually like the place, her parent's insurance runs out and the doctor assures her that she's "cured". But what if she doesn't want to leave just yet? What if she finds out about Justin's feelings and wonders if it's too late?
Grade: A-
SC: 5
V: 4
C: 7

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