Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Book 86 - Take Me There

My 86th book was Take Me There by Susane Colasanti. I've heard that her books are a lot like Sarah Dessen's and everyone knows how much I love those books. This book is about Rhiannon and her two best friends, Nicole and James. Through the book's two parts, the point of view switches from one to the other. The story starts with Rhiannon, who's boyfriend Steve has just dumped her, giving the much used excuse "it's not you, it's me...I just think we're in different places". Yeah...right. As she tries to get him back, she begins to realize that maybe it was her after all...maybe it's the fact that she's not the school's hot-yet-extremely-byotchy girl Gloria. Nicole sees what Steve has done to Rhiannon. She also sees what she did to her boyfriend, Danny, when she broke up with him. Even though it's clear that he still loves her, and that she still loves him, she can't get back together with him, for reasons she doesn't even know. After James' girlfriend Jessica dumps him because of Rhiannon, why most of his other girls dump him, he begins to wonder if there really is something between them. Although he has (deep down) always felt that way about her, he wonders if there is anyway she could feel the same way as him. Especially with the dirtbag Steve always hanging around. But what's a guy to do? As James and Danny help each other with their respective girl problems, Rhiannon and Nicole just try to live through the week without suffering too much of Gloria's wrath. As the school dance approaches, the guys try to work up their nerve to put their plan in action. But can Nicole get over her past before Danny gives up on her? And can Rhiannon finally see that there is something between her and James? Or will she never see the light?
Grade: A++
SC: 6
V: 3
C: 5

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