Thursday, April 7, 2011

Book 27 - Sean Griswold's Head

My twenty-seventh book was Sean Griswold's Head by Lindsey Leavitt. This book is about Payton, who finds out her father has MS. Her school counselor tells her to pick a focus object, something that she can focus on to keep her mind off of her dad's health. She's supposed to pick an inanimate object, but, instead, she pick's Sean Griswold's head. Sean has sat in front of Payton since the third grade, so she figures this is a subject she knows pretty well. She doesn't really know him, aside from exchaning a few sentences about a quiz or loaning him a pencil. But she has been staring at the back of his head for six years. It will be easy, right? What she doesn't realize is that her slightly crazy friend Jac is also focusing on Sean, not on his head, but the boy. And Jac's goal isn't to get the boy for herself but to get the boy for Payton because she figures Payton needs a little pushing. But, when Jac pushes Payton too far, will they still be able to be friends? And what about Sean Griswold...will Payton ever get to know him or will he always be the boy with the big head that sat in front of her in class?

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