Thursday, April 28, 2011

Book 34 - The Town

My thirty-fourth book was The Town by Chuck Hogan. The book was made into a movie, directed by Ben Affleck. He also starred in it along with Jeremy Renner (who was nominated for an Oscar for it), Jon Hamm, and Blake Lively. The book is about four friends, Doug MacCray, Jem Couglin, Dez Elden, and Gloansy Magloan, who live in Charlestown, famous for having the most armored car robberies in the US. It just so happens that many of these jobs have been done by Doug and his friends. During one of these jobs, on a bank this time, they have unexpected trouble and Jem (the troublemaker) takes a hostage, the manager of the bank named Claire Keesey. When they leave her, alive and unharmed, at the beach, the FBI is suspicious. But so are the thieves. So, Doug decides to follow her. But instead of just following her, he soon finds himself talking to her and, after that, falling in love with her, surprising his friends and, most of all, himself. Doug is prepared to leave "the Town" with her, but before he can, he is sucked into one last job, the biggest one they have ever pulled...and this job very likely could be their last.

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