Thursday, August 4, 2011

Book 74 - Someone Like You

My seventy-fourth book was Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen.* This book is about Halley (like the Comet). Her best friend, Scarlett, has always been the cool one, always the strong one who has to take care of everything. But, when Scarlett's boyfriend Michael dies, Halley suddenly becomes the strong one, taking care of everything Scarlett needs. And when they find out that Scarlett's pregnant, Halley is the one that has to save her from her mother, who insists she have an abortion. But Scarlett decides to keep the baby instead. As they go through the pregnancy, figuring out everything together, Halley gets her first real boyfriend in Macon Faulkner, a bad boy who was Michael's best friend. At first, Halley knows that Macon loves her. But, as he starts disappearing more and more, she isn't so sure. What she is sure of is that Scarlett is going to need more help than ever. But is Halley strong enough to help?
Grade: A++
SC: 6
V: 5
C: 3

*I am officially in love with Sarah Dessen books.

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