Monday, August 8, 2011

Book 75 - Lock and Key

My seventy-fifth book was Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen. This book is about Ruby, a girl who lives with her alcoholic mother. The book starts a couple of months after she was abandoned by her mother. After living on her own for a while, her landlords finally noticed and called social services. Since then, she has moved in with her sister, Cora, and her wealthy brother-in-law, Jamie. She also meets the neighbor's teenage son, Nate, who is very friendly, despite the fact that Ruby is anything but to him. Ruby feels that she shouldn't get attached to anyone here, because she's going to be leaving soon. She, like her mother, feels that its better to leave someone than be left by someone. Ruby knows the sting of being left, first by Cora, then by her mother. But as she learns how her mother lied to her, she starts to see Cora in a different light. And not only Cora, but other people around her, like Jamie and even Roscoe, Jamie's annoying dog. But the person that seems to "get" her the most is Nate, perhaps because he's hiding some secrets of his own.
Grade: A++
SC: 4
V: 6
C: 3

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