Thursday, August 11, 2011

Book 76 - Before I Fall

My seventy-sixth book was Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. This book is about Sam Kingston, a very popular girl and the best friend of Lindsay Edgecomb, the most popular girl in school. Sam and Lindsay, along with their other friends Elody and Ally, rule the school until the night of Kent's party. Kent used to be Sam's best friend, until she became too cool after starting to hang out with Lindsay. After the party, as the girls are driving home, they swerve off the road, hitting a tree. Sam is sure they're all dead but she wakes up the next morning, in bed and completely fine. As she starts the same day, over and over, she finally figures out she has to make things right. As she tries to do that, she knows her time is coming to a close. But, just as she knows her life is ending, she starts to fall in love with Kent. And, now more than ever, she has to make things right, if only to be worthy of him.
Grade: A
SC: 6
V: 5
C: 5

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