Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Book 79 - Fairest

The seventy-ninth book I read was Fairest by Gail Carson Levine. In this rewrite of Snow White, Aza lives in the town of Ayortha, which is a town mentioned in Levine's other novel, Ella Enchanted. This is considered a companion novel to Ella Enchanted because it mentions several characters and places from that book. Aza is considered ugly because of her skin complexion and her...size. All of her life, she's had to cope with the fact that she's completely different from everyone else in her family and town. But, when a Dame asks Aza to step in for her companion who has fallen ill, Aza is transported to the magical world of the wealthy in the king's castle for his wedding to the beautiful Ivi. Some people in the kingdom immediately distrust Ivi, but Aza finds herself drawn to the new queen, even more so after she becomes the lady-in-waiting. While she doesn't understand many of the customs of this new country, she seems willing to try. That is, until the king is suddenly injured and Ivi is suddenly put in charge of the kingdom. Soon, Ivi has turned most of the country against her because of the things she does trying to be a "strong queen". When she blackmails Aza into helping her, Aza becomes sure that Ivi is much more devious than she appears. But who would believe a lady who isn't even a true lady over a queen?
Grade: A
SC: 3
V: 5
C: 1

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