Thursday, December 22, 2011

Book 89 - The Body Finder

My 89th book was The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting. This book was a little creepier than the books I normally read. Every once and a while, I'll read a scary one and this was definitely one of them. This book is about Violet who, ever since she was little, could sense the bodies of dead things around her, and the predator that killed them. Anytime one is near, she gets a sense, such as a specific taste, smell, or sound. Each body is different. The strongest scents she gets are from human beings. When she was eight, she found the body of a little girl and ever since then, she has been protected by her parents, her aunt and uncle (the police chief), and her best friend, Jay (who Violet definitely wants to be more than friends with). While she is working out her newfound feelings for Jay, a serial killer is on the prowl. While water skiing in the lake, Violet (and Jay, as her passenger) accidentally stumble onto the first of this killer's victims. As subsequent bodies start showing up, Violet must figure out not only how to find this killer but how to stop him. Because, after a terrifying moment in the woods, it becomes clear that the killer intends for Violet to be his next victim. Will Violet and Jay be able to stop him? Or will the killer catch her before she can catch him?
Grade: A
SC: 5
V: 8
C: 3

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