Thursday, December 29, 2011

Book 92 - The Future of Us

My 92nd book was The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler. This was one of the most interesting concepts I've ever seen for a book. Emma (whose perspective is written by Mackler) is a teenager living in 1996. Her father, as a present to make up for his guilt for living her, sends her a new computer. Her best friend Josh (written by Asher) lives next door. He gives her 100 free hours on the internet that he got in the mail. While on the internet, they discover a webpage called Facebook. They soon find out this website tells them exactly what will happen in the future. As they find out about their futures, Josh is ecstatic. He marries the most popular girl in school and looks happy. Emma, however, has a cheating husband and no kids. She decides to take this into her own hands, but she soon finds out that even the littlest change in the present can drastically affect the future. As Emma desperately tries to change her fate, Josh desperately tries to keep it the same. Because he's happy in the future. Or is he? While this was a good book, it was a let down from Asher's previous book, Thirteen Reasons Why, which is probably my favorite book of all time. (Of course, just about any book would be a let down from that book, which everyone, but especially high school kids, should read.)
Grade: A
SC: 5
V: 2
C: 3

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