Thursday, March 17, 2011

Book 19 - Lunatic

My nineteenth book was Lunatic by Ted Dekker and Kaci Hill. This is the fifth book in the Lost Books series. This one was actually good. There are several storylines going on at once, some are cool (Darsal's) and some are either boring or frustrating (all of the other ones). But overall it was pretty good; it only took me three days to read it. It starts only moments after Chaos ended, but when they get back to Other Earth, it has been five years. Alot has happened since the gang has been gone: Thomas is missing, the lakes have been turned blood red, the Forest Guard is gone, and the Horde has taken over. So, they have to figure out how to overthrow the Horde, find Thomas, and figure out what this mysterious woman named Shaeda that keeps following them around wants. And, they have to do all of this without one of their original members, Billos, who is probably dead (they last time they saw him was in Alucard's lair, so not looking too good). Overall, pretty good...much better than the last one.

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