Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Book 36 - Reality Check

My thirty-sixth book was Reality Check by Peter Abrahams. He is my favorite author and I have read every single one of his young adult books. His Echo Falls series is amazing and this book is almost as good. Reality Check is about Cody, who is a poor boy who is dating a very rich girl, Clea. When Cody learns her father is sending her to boarding school, he breaks up with her, because he knows her family will always dislike him and to make her move easier. But, a couple of months later, he sees something that changes everything: the front page of a newspaper article tells him that Clea is missing. Cody makes a quick decision and travels up to Vermont to find her. Once there, he meets a lot of odd people...and he doesn't know if he should trust any of them, especially Clea's new boyfriend, Townes, who seems to know something he's not letting on about. Cody has to figure out the mystery of where Clea is before it's too late and, because it's a Peter Abrahams book, there are many shocking twists and turns along the way...

Grade: A+
SC: 3/10
V: 6/10
C: 6/10

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