Monday, May 9, 2011

Book 37 - My Fair Godmother

My thirty-seventh book was My Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison. I have read this book a couple of times, but I decided to read it again because I read my favorite books when I'm stressed. Driving test=Twilight, Play=You Wish, Graduation= My Fair Godmother. This book is about Savannah, who gets a Fairy Godmother after her boyfriend dumps her for her sister. But Chrysanthemum Everstar isn't a Fairy Godmother yet, she's only a Fair Godmother, which means she's not very good. Which becomes apparent when Chrissy misinterprets her first wish and sends Savannah back to the Middle Ages as Cinderella. After Savannah finally is able to call Chrissy back from her shopping, she misinterprets her second wish and turns her into Snow White. The third time, Savannah is determined to make it right. But, Chrissy fails yet again to grant Savannah's wish correctly. So, she has to make her way back to the Middle Ages to find her friend Tristan, who Chrissy has sent to become a prince to take Savannah to prom. But once she gets there, Tristan is not happy to see her. It turns out that becoming a prince in the Middle Ages was not as easy as Savannah thought. Tristan will have to kill a Cyclops, a dragon, and defeat the invincible Black Knight. With help from Savannah and a little fairy magic, they just might be able to pull it off...
Grade: A+
SC: 2
V: 4
C: 1

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