Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Book 42 - A Mango-Shaped Space

My forty-second book was A Mango-Shaped Space by Wendy Mass. My sister read this book a couple of years ago and it quickly became her favorite book. I recently read her copy of Beastly, so she wanted me to read another and this was the one she picked. The book is about Mia, a girl who sees colors and shapes when she looks at numbers or letters or hears noises. And she's not making this up. She even named her cat Mango because, when he wheezes, his breath comes out in little puffs of mango colored air. When she finally tells her family, they take her to see a specialist, who tells her that what she has is called synesthesia. Mia also finds out that there are people in the world like her, which she never thought could happen. When she starts to connect with some of these people, she starts to neglect her friends and even her family because they don't understand what she's going through. But, it takes a tragedy to show Mia that, even though they don't know what she's going through, her friends and family are always going to be the ones that love her and know her the best. It is a wonderful book, the author has an amazing voice, but just a warning...you will cry.
Grade: A+
SC: 0
V: 2
C: 1

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