Sunday, May 29, 2011

Book 41 - The Goose Girl

My forty-first book was the Goose Girl by Shannon Hale. This book is one of four written about the fictional lands of Kildenree and Bayern. This book tells the story of Ani, the Crown Princess of the small country of Kildenree. When her mother decides that Ani isn't good enough to be the queen, she makes a deal with the prime minister of the large country of Bayern to prevent a war. When Ani turns 16, she will marry the prince of Bayern. Ani has always been an odd child. Her aunt taught her how to "talk" to swans and, after her aunt left, Ani's mother made sure she never had the opportunity to talk to another bird again. When Ani turned 16, her mother told her about the arrangement and sent her off to Bayern with a large number of guards and her lady-in-waiting and best friend, Selia. But, during the three month journey to Bayern, Selia and a number of the guard betray Ani and kill the remaining guard. Ani, barely able to escape, finds a cottage in the forest that is home to Gilsa and her son, Finn. Finn takes Ani to the city, where Ani hopes to talk to the king and tell him her story. But, when she gets there, Selia's plan is made clear: to take Ani's place as the princess of Kildenree and the future queen of Bayern. It is also made clear that the guards are still looking for her, so she starts working as a goose girl, herding the king's geese, where her talents with birds come in handy. But, as she stays in the city longer, the guards get closer and closer to finding her true identity. And when Ani meets a handsome member of the palace guard whom she considers telling everything to, she realizes that a so called friend can turn into an enemy quickly. Can she trust anyone?
Grade: A
SC: 2
V: 6
C: 0

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