Monday, July 18, 2011

Book 64 - The Water Wars

My sixty-fourth book was The Water Wars by Cameron Stracher. Dystopian style books are really "in" right now and I enjoy reading them as much as the next person. This book was pretty good, it just felt like there wasn't very much character actually seemed too short to get a true picture of the characters. The other dystopian novels I've read (The Hunger Games series in particular, but also including Matched and The Forest of Hands and Teeth series) exceeded this one by far. Vera and her brother Will meet a stranger named Kai, who pours water out of a cup onto the road like he has more than enough. But no one in this future has enough water. So, Kai sitting in the middle of the road, in plain view of anyone passing, is very odd. Even more odd, Kai tells the siblings that he knows of a place with a river. But people haven't seen rivers in years. When Kai and his father are kidnapped, Vera and Will decide they have to rescue their friend. To do this, they go to the end of their territory and meet pirates, "environmentalists" who don't seem to care for the environment at all, and a greedy company that wants all of the water left in the world for themselves.
Grade: B-
SC: 3
V: 5
C: 3

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