Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Book 69 - Stay

My sixty-ninth book was Stay by Deb Caletti. A lot of things about this book kind of scared me because I was in a relationship that was a lot similar to Clara's relationship with Christian. I think if I wouldn't have ended it when and the way I did, it could have easily turned out the same way. Clara and Christian have a very intense relationship from the start. Clara quickly starts to think Christian is "the one" with his deep eyes, his blonde hair, and his sweet personality. But it quickly becomes clear that, not only is Christian the jealous type, he becomes jealous about things that don't matter. He accuses Clara of trying to get other guys to like her, of cheating on him, and of being flirty. Finally she gets fed up and decides to break it off. But Christian won't take no for an answer. For a while, Clara feels sorry for him and tries to let him down easy, answering some of his messages back and even seeing him a couple times. But after a scary encounter with him, her father decides they need to get away, to a place where Christian can't find them. As Clara and her father settle into their new home at the beach, Clara embarks on a slow romance with a sailor named Finn. But, even as she is falling in love with Finn and working at the lighthouse, she can't shake the feeling that Christian is somewhere close, looking for her.
Grade: A+
SC: 6
V: 7
C: 7

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