Monday, July 25, 2011

Book 68 - Just Listen

My sixty-eighth book is Just Listen by Sarah Dessen. I really like Sarah's writing. It's very easy to read, but the subject matter is deep. You can really relate to the characters. Annabel is the youngest of three girls, the oldest, Kirsten, being the outgoing sister and her middle sister, Whitney, taking up a lot of attention because of her eating disorder. So, Annabel feels like she's never been able to express herself as well as her sisters, Kirsten talking all the time and Whitney never needing to talk to make you understand how she feels. So, when a traumatic event happens, she keeps it to herself. Even though it means losing all of her friends, especially her best friend, Sophie, who is now vicious towards Annabel. It seems like this year will be the worst yet. Until she meets Owen, an outsider with an anger issue. Since he was forced to take anger management classes after attacking a classmate, Owen is very open about everything, the exact opposite of Annabel. As she starts spending a lot of time with Owen, learning all he has to know about music, she starts to feel like speaking up. But speaking up would mean telling everyone she loves about what happened at the end of the year party, that ruined everything. Will Annabel keep to herself? Or will she trust Owen enough to tell him her secrets?
Grade: A+
SC: 6
V: 5
C: 5

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