Sunday, July 31, 2011

Book 72 - If I Stay

My seventy-second book was If I Stay by Gayle Forman. For Mia, things are going great. She gets along well with her family, she has a loving boyfriend, and she's probably going to be accepted to Julliard. But things get disastrous when the family are in a car accident. As Mia climbs out of the ditch, she realizes that her parents are dead. As she goes back to the ditch to see if her little brother, Teddy, is there, she sees a very strange sight: herself, laying in the ditch, unconscious. While Mia tries to figure out what's going on, the paramedics show up and start working on her as well as putting her parents in body bags. She follows her body all the way to the ICU in Portland. There, she listens in on doctors and nurses conversations and hears everything they don't want her to. As the rest of her family shows up, Mia walks all around the hospital, thinking about her life before the accident and everything that has changed. The reader takes the journey with Mia, as she thinks about her parents, her life, and whether or not she wants to stay. The nurse explains to her grandparents that it's really up to Mia whether or not she lives. As Mia thinks about it, her family comes in to make sure she doesn't give up.
Grade: A
SC: 5
V: 7
C: 6

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  1. you should read the sequel to this one. i think it's called Where She Went. i found it interesting since it's written from Adam's POV. :)