Thursday, July 21, 2011

Book 66 - Split

The sixty-sixth book I read this year was Split by Swati Avasthi. 16 year old Jace Witherspoon arrives on his estranged brother Christian's doorstep one night with a bloody face (courtesy of his father) and a secret. Christian, of course, knows the secret. That their respectable father, Judge Witherspoon, has been beating up their mother for years. After Christian escaped, he started in on Jace. Now that Jace is gone, they are more worried about their mother than ever. As they try to figure out how to get her out, Jace's own secrets are threatening to come out. And, if they do, Jace knows Christian won't let him stay. This book gives readers a glimpse into what happens after a person makes the split from the life of torture. But starting over is the hardest challenge of all.
Grade: B+
SC: 3
V: 8
C: 6

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