Saturday, July 2, 2011

Book 56 - Teen, Inc.

My fifty-sixth book was Teen, Inc. by Stefan Petrucha. This book is about Jaiden Beale, who's parents were killed a few days after he was born when a faulty oven knob caused their oven to explode. The company, NECorp, was sued and, to make their company look better to the public, decided to file for guardianship of Jaiden. After the court agreed to let the company try to raise him, and that the company had to pay him $40 million when he turned 18, he grew up raised by a corporation, with handlers instead of parents. Eventually, when he started high school, they let him start going to public school, because he wasn't developing socially enough. Then, Jaiden's life gets even worse when his handler Nancy calls him into the meeting room to discuss dating options. They have profiles from the most promising girls from Jaiden's class in school. He storms out instead of telling them that the girl he is really interested in, Jenny Tate, wasn't in the group of profiles. That day, some luck does come into his life when he is paired up with Jenny for a biology assignment. The lawyers from the company ruin their friendship when they storm in, demanding Jenny's signature saying she knew about Jaiden. After she runs off, Jaiden thinks his life is over. Little does he know, the troubles have just begun. After he finds out that the corporation isn't as "green" as they claim to be, he has to choose between thinking of the corporation as a family or thinking of it as it really is: a group of people that will do anything to make a little money.
Grade: B
SC: 3
V: 4
C: 3

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