Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Book 55 - The Dead-Tossed Waves

My fifty-fifth book was The Dead-Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan. This book is the sequel to The Forest of Hands and Teeth. This book is about Gabrielle (or Gabry) who is Mary's daughter. Mary named her after Gabrielle, the girl from another village that was turned into an unconsecrated by the Sisterhood. At the end of the last book, Mary was found by a lighthouse keeper, who trained her to take care of the lighthouse. Now, many years after the first book, Gabry is sixteen and scared of everything. So, on the night that her best friend Cira and her very handsome brother, Catcher, try to talk her into crossing over the fence and into the abandoned amusement park, it is out of character for her to listen. She knows that she shouldn't go beyond the wall. Everyone has always told her that it's not safe and Gabry has never even been tempted to go beyond it before. But, Gabry is too in love with Catcher to resist. As everyone else in the group is racing to the abandoned roller coaster, Catcher and Gabry climb on the old carousel. They are the only ones that see the Breaker (an Unconsecrated, or as they are called in this town Mudo, who has died and turned in an area where there are no other Mudo around. To continue the infection, they are much faster than anyone else) that comes running into the park and heads towards their friends. As Catcher races off to save Cira, one of Gabry's former friends races towards her and Catcher is able to save her just in time. But he gets bitten and tells Gabry to run back to the town. The kids that were in the park that night are punished by being forced to join the military. But Gabry notices that Catcher isn't in the group that has been captured. Gabry, so afraid of everything, must risk her life and get over her fears to find Catcher in the abandoned town outside of the park. But she finds something there that truly surprises her, including a Mudo worshipping cult, a mysterious boy who seems to know who she is, and Catcher, now infected, but still alive. The first book was great, but I think this book topped it. Gabry is much less annoying than Mary was in the first book. Definitely worth reading.
Grade: A++
SC: 5
V: 9
C: 3

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