Sunday, June 5, 2011

Book 44 - Leap Day

My forty-fourth book was Leap Day by Wendy Mass. Yet another of my sister's books. This is the last one for a while, because I got some from the library. haha Anyway, this book is about Josie Taylor, who was born on Leap Day. So, when this book takes place, she's technically only had four birthdays, even though she's sixteen. Josie likes to feel special and being the only person in school with this birthday really does that. Her family even goes all out on this birthday, because this is the one time every four years she actually gets to celebrate her birthday on the actual day she was born. This book was written in a very interesting and cool way. The whole book takes place on one day: Leap Day. Starts early in the morning, ends late at night. Normally entire books about one day are boring but this one breaks the mold. It's very interesting and keeps you on the edge of your seat, even though this isn't an "action" book. Another interesting thing the author did was write one chapter through Josie's perspective and the next chapter is from everyone else's. For example, Josie's mother brings her muffins for her birthday and someone steals them. In the next chapter, you learn who it was and why they did it. It's very different, because, instead of just knowing what is happening with one character, you know what all of the people Josie comes into contact with are thinking. Very interesting book and writing style.
Grade: A+
SC= 4
V= 2
C= 1

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