Thursday, June 9, 2011

Book 46 - Invasion

My forty-sixth book was Invasion by Jon S. Lewis. This is kind of an odd book for odd book period, actually. But I still kind of liked it. Invasion is about Colt McAlister, who's parents are killed in a bizarre accident. Soon, Colt finds out that it wasn't an accident. Colt's mother, a reporter, had found out something about the billion dollar corporation Trident, who develops everything from weapons to prosthetic limbs. The something his mother found out was going to be the subject of the new article she was going to write. So, along with his childhood friend Danielle and his new friend Oz (who Colt is convinced he knows from somewhere), Colt tries to find out what really happened to his parents and what Trident is hiding. (And no, this Trident is not the company that makes toothpaste.)

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