Saturday, June 11, 2011

Book 47 - How To Take The Ex Out of Ex-Boyfriend

My forty-seventh book was How To Take The Ex Out of Ex-Boyfriend by Janette Rallison. Giovanna Petrizzo brakes up with her boyfriend, Jesse, after he decides to back Wilson in the school's presidential campaign instead of her twin brother, Dante. After all, Wilson is the most popular boy in school and the mayor's son. Dante is the underdog and he's doing it for a good cause: to get the school's council to pay for a memorial for a student who died the year before. So, when Jesse decides to be Wilson's campaign manager, Giovanna breaks up with him. Instead of teaching Jesse a lesson, it just makes her lonely. Soon she realizes that she wants him back. But she can't get back together with Jesse without betraying Dante. So, what's a girl to do except become Dante's campaign manager. With the two ex's going head-to-head, it's bound to be the most intense race for class president. But, when the dust clears, will Jesse still love Giovanna? Or will he be too wrapped up in stuck-up Bridgit to even notice her?
Grade: A+
SC= 3
V= 2
C= 3

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