Monday, June 13, 2011

Book 48 - Notes from the Midnight Driver

My forty-eighth book was Notes from the Midnight Driver by Jordan Sonnenblick. Alex Gregory gets drunk and takes his mom's car to go rant at his dad, who has recently divorced his mom. But he doesn't get all the way. Halfway there, he crashes his car into a yard and runs over a lawn gnome. He is sentenced to one hundred hours of community service at a retirement center. His mother gets to pick the patient. Of course, she picks the most difficult patient she can find, named Sol Lewis. Sol doesn't like Alex from the very beginning and Alex has a difficult time of convincing him he's not a bad guy. In between cursing at him in Yiddish and playing practical jokes, Sol actually begins to develop a friendship with Alex, based around their mutual love of jazz music. Pretty soon, Alex learns that, not only can Sol play guitar, he was actually quite famous for doing so. Only, Sol hasn't played since the night that his wife died in a tragic car accident. Alex started his community service at the home very unhappy with the whole situation. By the end of his sentence, his relationships with his divorced parents, his best friend, Laurie, and, especially, Sol, have changed for ever.
Grade: A-
SC= 2
V= 3
C= 3

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