Monday, June 20, 2011

Book 50 - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

My fiftieth book was Let Sleeping Dogs Lie by Mirjam Pressler. Yay!! Halfway there!! There is no way to measure how excited I am. Last year, I read 54 books. I've almost passed how many books I read in whole year! :D So, this book is about Johanna, a German girl who's grandfather owns a popular clothing store. On a class trip to Israel, she finds out that her grandfather was a member of the Nazi party. Johanna has always loved her grandfather, she even gets along better with him than her father, but she can't put what she learned out of her mind. She can't help but wonder if he stole the store from the Jewish owners, whom she meets one of in Israel. When her grandfather commits suicide, she becomes convinced that her grandfather bought the store for less than it was worth. But her father, even though he knows the truth, won't discuss it. Johanna tries to investigate, but keeps coming to dead ends because no one in the family wants to talk about what really happened. Can Johanna find out the truth? Or will she just be quiet like her family wants her to, not waking the "sleeping dogs"?
Grade: B
SC: 7
V: 4
C: 4

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