Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Book 51 - Stuck On Earth

My fifty-first book was Stuck On Earth by David Klass. This book is about an alien named Ketchvar III, who is sent to Earth to evaluate whether or not humans should be destroyed. He inhabits the body of Tom Filber to evaluate the situation. He soon finds that it is dire and that humans are violent, unhappy people who are destroying the Earth. After several days of being bullied and teased at school (Tom Filber isn't exactly popular to begin with) only to go home to be yelled at and chased around the house by his mother, Ketchvar is ready to annihilate the human race altogether. Just when everything seems bleak for Planet Earth, Ketchvar (in Tom's body, of course) meets his neighbor, Michelle Peabody. From Michelle, Ketchvar learns that not all humans are like the family he unluckily chose to be inserted in. Michelle is kind and sweet. Because of this, Ketchvar decides to give humans another chance. This book, of course, has an enviromentally friendly message. And, though the author does try throughout most of the book to shove this message down the reader's throat, I enjoyed this book. The author has a very interesting style and voice. Overall, not bad.
Grade: A-
SC: 4
V: 4
C: 3

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