Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Book 54 - The Cardturner

My fifty-fourth book was The Cardturner by Louis Sachar. His books Holes and There's A Boy in the Girl's Bathroom are some of my favorites from when I was younger. It's cool that there are books for when you get older, too. Alton Richards is looking forward to a summer of relaxing, and possibly getting a job, when his great uncle calls. His uncle has recently gone blind and needs Alton to be his cardturner when he plays bridge. Alton's mother is desparate to get the money he will no doubt leave to them, if Alton can just get him to like them more. So, Alton begins to learn how to play bridge, which he finds is actually kind of interesting. He also learns about the "crazy" Castaneda family, who have also been after his money for years. Toni Castaneda was his cardturner until they had a big fight. Alton slowly gets to know his uncle as well, who he starts calling Trapp. They play bridge three times a week. As Alton gets to know Trapp, he also learns about his past, why he stopped playing bridge, and the mysterious Annabel, Trapp's "perfect" bridge partner who was sent to a mental institution by her husband. Annabel also happens to be Toni's grandmother. What Alton learns about Trapp, Toni, and the history of the Castaneda family comes as a surprise to him and the reader both.
Grade: A
SC: 3
V: 3
C: 2

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