Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Book 53 - Butterface

My fifty-third book was Butterface by Gwen Hayes. This book is about a girl who was born with hemifacial microsamia, which causes scars on your face. She's been told that she's lucky because she isn't as disfigured as some people are. But when she meets Lucky O'Leary, she feels anything but lucky. She's in love with him but she's convinced that he only likes her as a friend, because who could love a girl that looks like her? When Lucky starts spending a lot of time in the diner she works in, she starts to hope that he could possibly like her. When he finally asks her out, it seems that he does. But then she finds out why his friends are trying to get him to take her to a party. This party proves that she really was right all along. Or are things not what they appear?
Grade: B
SC: 5
V: 2
C: 4

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