Friday, June 17, 2011

Book 49 - Matched

My forty-ninth book was Matched by Ally Condie. This book is about Cassia, who lives in a world where the Society controls everything, including what you eat, what you do for a job, and even who you marry. Cassia has never questioned the Society, so it seems natural when she is matched to her best friend, Xander. It's rare that a girl is matched to someone they know, but they tell her it has happened before. When she goes home to view information about him on a special disk the Society gave her, she sees Xander's face, but she sees another face flash after his. Cassia is shocked, because the Society has never made a mistake before. There's another problem: she knows the other boy, too. His name is Ky and he lives down the street from Cassia's family. His uncle and aunt adopted him after their child was killed by a rare criminal: violence doesn't happen in this world. So, is Cassia meant to be with Xander? Or is she really meant to be with Ky? She must choose between the guy she's known all of her life (and the life the Society wants her to live) and the guy she's quickly falling in love with.
Grade: A++
SC: 4
V: 3
C: 1

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